Buddhist Religious Holiday Calendar for 2014

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Buddhist Holidays - 2014

buddhism Calendar

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Day Year Date Holiday Name
Thu2014Jan 16Mahayana New Year 
Sat2014Feb 08Parinirvana - Nirvana Day
Sat2014Feb 15Nirvana Day
Sun2014Feb 16Magha Puja Day
Wed2014May 14Wesak - Buddha Day
Thu2014May 15Theravada New Year
Sun2014Jul 13Asala - Dharma Day
Mon2014Dec 08Bodhi Day

Buddhist Calendar 2014

It is believed that Buddhism is originated in northern India during 6th century BC. It is almost 2500 years old religion. Now more than 3.5 million people follow Buddhism worldwide. Buddhism is recognized as one of the fastest growing religions in the world.

Buddhism was founded by Siddhartha Gautama known as Lord Buddha. Word “Buddha” means "the awakened one”. Around 2500 years ago Lord Buddha was born in a royal family of Nepal. He was living a luxury life until he came across an old man, a sick man and a dead body for first time. Disturbed by these miseries of the human lives he became a monk. At the age of 35 Gautam attained enlightenment and became Buddha. He spent rest of his life by teaching the path of enlightenment.

Buddhist people do not believe in a personal God. They believe nothing is fixed or permanent in the world. Buddhism focuses on personal spiritual development through inner truth, wisdom and meditation.

  • The four Aryan or Noble Truths of Buddhism are:
  • All existence is dukkha or suffering
  • The cause of suffering is craving
  • The cessation of suffering comes with the cessation of craving
  • There is a path that free human being from suffering
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