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Working Days Calculator

How many working days are between June 9th of the current year and May 6th of the upcoming year, excluding weekends and official holidays? Don't fret; use our working days calculator to do the math for you. It determines the number of business days from your start date to a particular date by excluding or including any of the weekdays and country-specific holidays.

Whether you wish to count the number of workdays remaining until your project delivery, exam, or that big event, simply enter the start and end dates and click 'Calculate Duration.' The result will be the exact number of days between the two dates. CalendarLabs allows you to count workdays between two dates within any year range.

Knowing the exact number of days makes it easy to calculate the billing days, set realistic deadlines, and estimate business days. Counting the working days using our tool gives accurate results compared to manual calculations.

Business days ‌usually exclude weekends and federal holidays for a specific country. If you wish to calculate business days while excluding the bank, religious, and post-office holidays our tool allows you to do so with just a few clicks. Instead of searching for separate tools online to consider these different settings, we have it all in one place for you.

With our business day counter you can avoid this painstaking task of counting the work days manually, and save a significant amount of your time.