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TODAY - May 24, 2018

Thought of the Day

Friends and acquaintances are the surest passport to fortune.

Today's Birthday

William Gilbert
William Gilbert Physician, English(1544)

An English physicist who was the first to use the term “magnetic pole”.

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit Physicist, German(1686)

A German physicist, engineer, and glass blower who invented the mercury thermometer.

Jan Christiaan Smuts
Jan Christiaan Smuts Statesman, African(1870)

A South African and British Commonwealth statesman.

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan Singer, American(1941)

An American singer-songwriter, artist and writer.

This day in History


The first telegraph message is sent from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore by its inventor, Samuel Morse; he telegraphs, "What hath God wrought!"


The Brooklyn Bridge, linking the New York boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan, is opened to traffic; at the time, it is the longest suspension bridge in the world.


The Cincinnati Reds beat the Philadelphia Phillies in the first major league baseball game to be played at night under the floodlights.


Britain and France begin trans-Atlantic flight service on the Concorde to Washington, D.C.; the flight takes less than four hours.

Man who made the difference

Bob Dylan (1941)

Bob Dylan

An American songwriter and musician, was born on 24th May 1941, in Minnesota. “Bob Dylan” was his debut album, which came in 1962. Dylan gained fame and became an important figure. In 1994 his album World Gone, won the Grammy Award for the best traditional folk album. In 2001, for his song “Things Have Changed” from the soundtrack to the film Wonder Boys, he won an Academy Award. He also received the Grammy for best contemporary folk album for Love and Theft. In 2004 saw the publication of Chronicles: Volume One, the first instalment of Dylan's memoirs, which surprised critics with its insights, candour and thoughtfulness. His other works include; Slow Train Coming-strongly reflected his conversion to evangelical Christianity, New Morning, Planet Waves, Blood on the Tracks, The Basement Tapes, Desire, and Street Legal, John Wesley Harding and Nashville. In 1988, he was elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Author : Dr. Nidhi Jindal