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TODAY - Jul 18, 2019

Thought of the Day

Sorrow happens, hardship happens, the hell with it, who never knew the price of happiness, will not be happy.

Today's Birthday

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela President, South African(1918)

A South African revolutionary and the President of South-Africa.

John Glenn
John Glenn Astronaut, American(1921)

An American aviator, astronaut and politician

Yevgeniy Yevtushenko
Yevgeniy Yevtushenko Poet, Russian(1932)

A Soviet and Russian poet, novelist, essayist and director of several films.

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra Actress, Indian(1982)

An Indian film actress who won the Miss World pageant of 2000 and singer.

This day in History


Nearly half of the men in the 54th Massachusetts Coloured Infantry, one of the first black U.S. Army regiments, are killed or wounded in an assault on Confederate Fort Wagner in South Carolina.


Thomas edision records the human voice for the first time.


Led by generals Francisco Franco and Emilio Mola, a rebellion of the army against the Spanish Second Republic begins the Spanish Civil War.


Rohini 1, the first satellite launches into orbit.


Dr. David Kelly who wrote a dossier on Iraq's military capabilities for the UK government is found dead.

Man who made the difference

Yevgeniy Yevtushenko (1932)

Yevgeniy Yevtushenko

A Russian poet was born on 18th July in Zima, Russia, and educated at the Moscow Literary Institute. His first poem appeared in a Soviet sports journal. His poem, Zima Junction, which expressed the moral confusion of a young man in the post-Stalinist Soviet Union, was officially condemned. His other works include; Babi Yar, A Precocious Autobiography, and The Bratsk Station. His first novel was Wild Berries, the story of a geological expedition in Siberia. The novella Ardabiola, a fantasy about a plant with magic healing powers, was published in English in 1984. His antiwar sentiments were expressed in the poem Mum and the Neutron Bomb.

Author : Dr. Nidhi Jindal