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TODAY - Apr 20, 2024

Thought of the Day

You must be in tune with the times and prepared to break with tradition.

Today's Birthday

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Politician, German(1889)

An Austrian born German politician who was the leader of Nazi Party. He quickly took dictatorial powers and ruled until his death in 1945.

Tito Puente
Tito Puente Musician, American(1923)

An American percussionist and Latin jazz composer and bandleader.

Gro Harlem Brundtland
Gro Harlem Brundtland Politician, Norway(1939 )

Norway's first woman Prime Minister and the former Director General of WHO.

Jessica Lange
Jessica Lange Actress, American(1939 )

An American actress who won several awards, including two Oscars, five Golden Globes and three Emmys.

Harold Lloyd
Harold Lloyd Actor, American(1893)

American motion-picture actor, one of the leading performers of the golden age of comedy.

This day in History


George Clinton is the first vice president of the United States to die in office.


Edgar Allan Poe's "The Murders in the Rue Morgue," considered the first detective story, is published in Philadelphia.


Marie and Pierre Curie isolate the radioactive element radium.


Death of British comedian Benny Hill.

Harold Lloyd (1893-1971)

Harold Lloyd

An American motion-picture actor, one of the leading performers of the golden age of comedy. Lloyd made nearly 500 films, both silent and sound, all of them comedies and all of them featuring extended chase sequences with daredevil physical feats was born on April 20, 1893, in Burchard, Nebraska, United States and started acting in one-reel film comedies in 1912 in San Diego, California. In 1917 Lloyd invented his familiar characterization of the bespectacled, bumbling optimist, and in 1921 he played this role in his first feature-length film, A Sailor-Made Man. Lloyd's best-known films include Safety Last, The Kid Brother, Why Worry, Girl Shy, For Heaven's Sake, Feet First, Movie Crazy, and The Milky Way. By the 1940s Lloyd was no longer active in the film industry, but in 1947 director Preston Sturges lured him out of retirement for a film intended to explore the later life of Lloyd's innocent optimist character of the 1920s (it included footage from his popular motion picture The Freshman). The film, The Sin of Harold Diddlebock, was a failure, and a later truncated version, Mad Wednesday (1950), did no better. In 1952 he received a special Academy Award hailing him as a "master comedian." He died on March 8, 1971, in Beverly Hills, California, United States.

Author : Dr. Nidhi Jindal