Exploring Scheduled Sex: A Modern Relationship Study

In this fast-paced world where calendars often rule our routines, we have turned our attention to an intimate dimension of relationships: scheduled sex. We surveyed 1,022 couples to determine how planned intimacy impacts connection and emotional bonds in relationships across different demographics. Join us as we reveal the secrets of how modern partners balance the art of spontaneity with the structure of planning in their private lives.

Key Takeaways

  • 36% of couples schedule sex.
  • Couples who schedule sex are 45% more likely than those who don't to rank intimacy satisfaction as excellent.
  • 1 in 10 "scheduled sexers" use Google Calendar to schedule sex.
  • 1 in 10 in-office "scheduled sexers" have engaged in intimacy at their workplace.

The Secrets of Scheduled Sex

Let's first explore why, how, and how often partners are penciling in their moments of closeness amid the hustle and bustle of modern life.

The power of planning intimacy.

Your calendar can fill up fast, and before you know it, a good amount of time has passed since the last time you and your partner were intimate. Busy work schedules were the No. 1 reason why 36% of couples surveyed said they plan their intimate moments. They also did so to ensure regular intimacy (53%) and to work around other family responsibilities (38%).

Generational differences add layers of complexity to this narrative. Gen Z emerged as the group most attuned to this practice, with 40% scheduling intimate connections. Millennials and baby boomers weren't far behind, with 38% and 36% embracing this trend. But Gen X was more hesitant to adopt scheduled sex, with just 29% saying they did so.

Many couples scheduled sex a few times per month (47%) or week (38%), most often on Saturdays and for an average of 55 minutes. The allure of sunsets and darkness proved universal, with 85% of these couples planning romantic encounters in the evening or night. Meanwhile, 29% also favored the afternoon and 24% the morning.

As for how they scheduled sex, couples most often used a printed calendar and wrote it down. However, technology and intimacy also intertwined, with 1 in 5 using a phone reminder or alarm and 1 in 10 earmarking times for connection on Google Calendar.

Scheduled vs. Spontaneous Sex

Understandably, some people might be skeptical about planning intimacy or think that it's kind of odd. If you have similar thoughts, you'll likely find the following impacts of scheduling sex as surprising as we did.


People often say spontaneity is the spice of life, which might be why some people feel that planning sex is a bad idea. But this isn't the story the data revealed.

Across all categories, a positive correlation between planning and sexual fulfillment was evident. Scheduled sexers reported higher overall relationship satisfaction (49% vs. 38%) and were 45% more likely to rank their intimacy satisfaction as excellent. They also rated the length and frequency of their sex as excellent more often than those who didn't plan ahead.

Intimacy can strengthen relationships, and not enough can lead to breakups: 1 in 5 respondents reported ending a relationship due to a lack of intimacy. Our findings highlight the positive impacts and importance of scheduled intimacy in a relationship; it might be the solution that those with intimacy struggles are looking for.

Scheduled Intimacy Meets the Professional Sphere

To wrap up our report, we'll next take a closer look at how professionals are weaving moments of intimacy into the fabric of their workday.


As remote work becomes more common, it tracks that scheduled intimacy extends into the workplace for some who work from home. Over a quarter of remote workers (26%) had engaged in scheduled sex during work hours, often marking themselves as "away" to maintain privacy. And almost 20% had done so over their "lunch break."

Having sex in the comfort of your home makes sense, but the biggest surprise was scheduled sexers in the office: 1 in 10 had intimate moments at their workplace!

Calen-dating for a More Satisfying Relationship

Our exploration of modern relationships and scheduled intimacy has been both interesting and eye-opening. Although the concept might not seem exciting initially, our findings have uncovered a fascinating connection: Couples who regularly scheduled sex experienced more satisfying sex and relationships. This could be attributed to their ability to balance planning and spontaneity, or perhaps it's simply the result of their unwavering commitment to staying connected, regardless of how full their calendar may be.


CalendarLabs surveyed 1,022 couples on whether or not they schedule their intimacy. 10% were baby boomers, 25% were Gen Xers, 52% were millennials, and 14% were Gen Z. Of "scheduled sexers," 36% were in-office employees, 28% were remote workers, 27% were hybrid, and 9% were unemployed.

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