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The following table lists the national day holidays in countries around the world. We have listed here the day, month, name and the details about the national day. A National Day is a day when a country celebrates its nationhood. It can be the date of independence, of becoming a republic, etc. Nations can have more than one National Day and the day may not be called as National Day though considered as one.

National Days Around the World

algeria flag Algeria5th JulyIndependence Day
argentina flag Argentina25th MayNational Day/May 1810 Revolution
australia flag Australia26th JanuaryAustralia Day
austria flag Austria26th OctoberNational Day
azerbaijan flag Azerbaijan18th OctoberNational Independence Day
bangladesh flag Bangladesh26th MarchIndependence Day
belarus flag Belarus3rd JulyIndependence Day
belgium flag Belgium21st JulyBelgian National Day
bolivia flag Bolivia6th AugustNational Day
brazil flag Brazil7th SeptemberIndependence Day
brazil flag Brazil15th NovemberRepublic Day
bulgaria flag Bulgaria3rd MarchLiberation Day
cambodia flag Cambodia9th NovemberIndependence Day
cameroon flag Cameroon20th MayNational Day
canada flag Canada1st JulyCanada Day
chile flag Chile18th SeptemberIndependence Day
chile flag Chile31st OctoberReformation Day
china flag China1st OctoberNational Day
colombia flag Colombia20th JulyIndependence Day
costa-rica flag Costa Rica15th SeptemberIndependence Day
croatia flag Croatia8th OctoberIndependence Day
cuba flag Cuba10th OctoberIndependence Day
czech-republic flag Czech Republic28th OctoberIndependence Day
dominican-republic flag Dominican Republic27th FebruaryIndependence Day
dr-congo flag Dr Congo30th JuneIndependence Day
ecuador flag Ecuador10th AugustNational Day
egypt flag Egypt30th JulyRevolution Day
ethiopia flag Ethiopia5th MayPatriots' Victory Day
france flag France14th JulyBastille Day
germany flag Germany3rd OctoberUnity Day (National)
ghana flag Ghana6th MarchIndependence Day
greece flag Greece25th MarchIndependence Day
guatemala flag Guatemala15th SeptemberIndependence Day
honduras flag Honduras15th SeptemberIndependence Day
hong-kong flag Hong Kong1st JulySpl Admin. Region Establishment Day
hong-kong flag Hong Kong1st OctoberNational Day
hungary flag Hungary23rd OctoberNational Day
india flag India26th JanuaryRepublic Day
india flag India15th AugustIndependence Day
indonesia flag Indonesia17th AugustIndependence Day
iran flag Iran1st AprilIslamic Republic Day
ireland flag Ireland17th MarchSt. Patrick's Day
italy flag Italy2nd JuneRepublic Day
japan flag Japan11th FebruaryNational Foundation Day
jordan flag Jordan25th MayIndependence Day
kazakhstan flag Kazakhstan16th DecemberIndependence Day
kenya flag Kenya12th DecemberJamhuri Day
kuwait flag Kuwait25th FebruaryNational Day
lebanon flag Lebanon22nd NovemberIndependence Day
lithuania flag Lithuania16th FebruaryIndependence Day
malaysia flag Malaysia31st AugustNational Day
mauritius flag Mauritius12th MarchIndependence & Republic Day
mexico flag Mexico16th SeptemberIndependence Day
moldova flag Moldova27th AugustIndependence Day
morocco flag Morocco18th NovemberIndependence Day
mozambique flag Mozambique25th JuneNational Independence Day
myanmar flag Myanmar4th JanuaryIndependence Day
new-zealand flag New Zealand6th FebruaryWaitangi Day
nigeria flag Nigeria1st OctoberNational Day
norway flag Norway17th MayConstitution Day
oman flag Oman18th NovemberNational Day
pakistan flag Pakistan14th AugustIndependence Day
paraguay flag Paraguay15th MayIndependence Day
peru flag Peru28th JulyIndependence Day
philippines flag Philippines12th JuneIndependence Day
poland flag Poland11th NovemberIndependence Day
portugal flag Portugal10th JuneNational Day
puerto-rico flag Puerto Rico25th JulyConstitution Day
romania flag Romania1st DecemberNational Day
russia flag Russia12th JuneRussia Day
saudi-arabia flag Saudi Arabia23rd SeptemberNational Day
serbia flag Serbia15th FebruaryStatehood day
singapore flag Singapore9th AugustNational Day
slovakia flag Slovakia1st JanuaryRepublic Day
slovakia flag Slovakia8th MayLiberation Day
slovakia flag Slovakia1st SeptemberConstitution Day
south-africa flag South Africa27th AprilFreedom Day
south-korea flag South Korea1st MarchIndependence Movement Day
south-korea flag South Korea15th AugustLiberation Day
spain flag Spain12th OctoberHispanic Day
sri-lanka flag Sri Lanka4th FebruaryNational Day
sudan flag Sudan1st JanuaryIndependence Day
sweden flag Sweden6th JuneNational Day
syria flag Syria17th AprilIndependence Day
taiwan flag Taiwan1st JanuaryRepublic Day
tanzania flag Tanzania9th DecemberIndependence Day
thailand flag Thailand5th DecemberThe King's Birthday
tunisia flag Tunisia20th MarchIndependence Day
turkey flag Turkey29th OctoberRepublic Day
uae flag United Arab Emirates2nd DecemberNational Day
uganda flag Uganda9th OctoberIndependence Day
ukraine flag Ukraine24th AugustIndependence Day
us flag United States4th JulyIndependence Day
uzbekistan flag Uzbekistan1st SeptemberDay of independence
venezuela flag Venezuela5th JulyIndependence Day
vietnam flag Vietnam2nd SeptemberIndependence Day
yemen flag Yemen30th NovemberIndependence Day
zambia flag Zambia24th OctoberIndependence Day

Public Holidays in Country

Liberation Day

Liberation Day

Wednesday Mar 03, 2021

The upcoming Bulgaria holiday Liberation Day is in 0 days from today.

Independence Day

Independence Day

Saturday Mar 06, 2021

The upcoming Ghana holiday Independence Day is in 3 days from today.

Women's Day

Women's Day

Monday Mar 08, 2021

The upcoming Azerbaijan holiday Women's Day is in 5 days from today.

National Day for Countries Service

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