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Count Days

Do you take forever to calculate the days between two dates? The easy-to-use ‘Count Days’ tool simplifies calculating date durations. All you have to do is input the start and end dates and click ‘Calculate Duration.’ The online date calculator instantly sums up the duration between the dates and displays it in multiple time formats. Now, you can easily calculate days between dates for use in event planning and project deadline tracking or for keeping track of important milestones in your life.

The day counter lets you easily find out how many days have passed this year or what is six months from now. This free-to-use date difference calculator determines the exact count of days, months, weeks, hours, minutes, or seconds between two dates. Whether you are a student or a professional or simply looking to plan an event, having this ‘Count Days’ tool at your service can make your life much easier. You can make those significant decisions quickly by determining the events' duration and excel at time management than ever before.

Further, switch to our ‘Working Days Calculator’ page to find the duration between two dates, excluding weekends and holidays (specific to a country) from the count. Business organizations or working individuals will find this useful to plan projects and find salaried days.

Here are some facts about calculators, the indispensable invention that has helped man for ages. Using calculators, in the form of devices such as abacus, dates back to ancient times. The oldest calculators based on beads on rods were first used around 2000 BC by the Sumerians and Egyptians. The first mechanical calculator came about in 1642, made by the French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal. The first solid-state electronic calculator was created in the early 1960s, with pocket-sized devices becoming available in the 1970s.