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Quick Facts : Freedom Day

Date: Apr 27, 2014 Type: National Also Called:

Freedom Day

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Freedom Day is a public holiday in South Africa celebrated every year on 27th April. On this day in 1994, the first democratic and non-racial national election was held in the country.

In the election held in South Africa in 1994, everyone of age over 18 of any race even noncitizens were allowed to vote. The ANC (African National Congress) was voted into power and Nelson Mandela was elected as the first President of South Africa on 10th May.

Freedom Day is celebrated with a great enthusiasm by all the South Africans. Lots of social events occur throughout the country. On this day people pay tributes to all those who sacrificed their lives to gain liberation for South Africa.


Freedom Day Observances

Day Year Date Holiday Name
Mon2009Apr 27Freedom Day
Tue2010Apr 27Freedom Day
Wed2011Apr 27Freedom Day
Fri2012Apr 27Freedom Day
Sat2013Apr 27Freedom Day
Sun2014Apr 27Freedom Day

South Africa holidays celebrated in year 2014

Day Year Date Holiday Name
Wed2014Jan 01New Year's Day
Fri2014Mar 21Human Rights Day
Fri2014Apr 18Good Friday
Sun2014Apr 20Easter
Mon2014Apr 21Family Day
Sun2014Apr 27Freedom Day
Thu2014May 01Worker's Day
Sun2014May 25Africa Day
Mon2014Jun 16Youth Day
Fri2014Jul 18Nelson Mandela's Birthday
Sat2014Aug 09Women's Day
Wed2014Sep 24Heritage Day
Tue2014Dec 16Vow & Reconciliation Day
Thu2014Dec 25Christmas Day
Fri2014Dec 26Day of Goodwill
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