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Quick Facts : Epiphany

Date: Jan 06, 2014 Type: National (Many countries) Also Called: Dia de los Reyes (Three Kings Day)


Image Courtesy: PhotoXpress

Epiphany is one of the most important Christian festivals, as it shows how God comes to His people and reveals His salvation to the world. The word Epiphany comes from the Greek word “epiphaneia”, which means "appearance" or "manifestation". Every year this day falls on 6th January or in some countries, on the Sunday that falls between 2nd January and 8th January.

The Epiphany is an ancient Christian festival and is important in a number of ways. In some region, the Epiphany celebrates the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist in the River Jordan. In some other region, this day refers to the visit of the magi (wise men) to the infant Jesus when God revealed himself to the world through the manifestation of Jesus. This day also celebrates Jesus' birth. The traditional color for Epiphany is white, which signifies peace, purity and holiness.


Epiphany Observances

Day Year Date Holiday Name
Tue2009Jan 06Epiphany
Wed2010Jan 06Epiphany
Thu2011Jan 06Epiphany
Fri2012Jan 06Epiphany
Sun2013Jan 06Epiphany
Mon2014Jan 06Epiphany

Spain holidays celebrated in year 2014

Day Year Date Holiday Name
Wed2014Jan 01New Year's Day
Mon2014Jan 06Epiphany
Wed2014Mar 19San Jose
Thu2014Apr 17Maundy Thursday
Fri2014Apr 18Good Friday
Thu2014May 01Labor Day
Fri2014Aug 15Assumption Day
Sun2014Oct 12Hispanic / National Day
Sat2014Nov 01All Saints Day
Sat2014Dec 06Constitution Day
Mon2014Dec 08Immaculate Conception Day
Thu2014Dec 25Christmas Day
Wed2014Dec 31New Year's Eve
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