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Import Westpac Bank Holidays to Your Digital Calendar

  1. Visit Google Calendar. (Google Calendar)
  2. Open the other calendars panel, click '+' and choose "From URL".
  3. Paste your calendar URL in the text field and hit "Add Calendar" https://ics.calendarlabs.com/631/b8da1f09/Westpac_Bank_Holidays.ics  )
  4. Your are now subscribed to the calendar. It may takes a few minutes for the events to show up.

Your Calendar is Ready


(Click "Add to calendar" to subscribe)

Automatic subscription works, when the 'Calendar' application is your default calendar.

(How to set calendar application as default calendar.)

Subscribe Calendar Manually

  1. Open Apple Calendar.
  2. Open the 'file' menu, and choose New Calendar Subscription.
  3. Paste the calendar url in the text field and hit Subscribe https://ics.calendarlabs.com/631/b8da1f09/Westpac_Bank_Holidays.ics  )
  4. Adjust the calendar settings.
  5. Make sure the auto-refresh option is checked, in order to keep te calendar up to date!
  6. Click OK to finish the subscription process.
  1. Open Outlook app in your desktop
  2. Right Click on My Calendars (on your left panel)
  3. Select "Add Calendar" > "From Internet..." Add Outlook from internet
  4. Paste the webcal url in subscription popup https://ics.calendarlabs.com/631/b8da1f09/Westpac_Bank_Holidays.ics  )
  5. Click "Yes" to confirm Add Outlook from internet
  6. You can see calendar on your left panel My Calendars section Add Outlook from internet
  7. Confirm to add the calendar subscription. It will keep itself up to date.
  1. Visit Outlook 365 (Outlook Calendar).
  2. Choose calendar option (calendar icon ) on the left side menu and click on Add Calendar calendar icon . Select Calendar Option
  3. On Add Calendar popup choose "Subscription from web" option
    • Paste ICS url https://ics.calendarlabs.com/631/b8da1f09/Westpac_Bank_Holidays.ics )
    • Enter Calendar Name and hit import
    Add Calendar Popup