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Download the best 2024 Julian date calendar templates for free. You can modify these customizable Julian templates using Microsoft Office or online designer tools. We've also featured Gregorian dates in 2024 templates which are accessible in docs, spreadsheet, and pdf formats. You can get any Julian calendars for free, but remember to keep the copyright text remaining the same while customizing or printing.

Printable Julian Calendar - 2024

2024 Julian Calendar
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Downloadable 2024 Julian calendars with Gregorian date and week numbers are offered in horizontal format. This monthly calendar includes US Holidays. This design is available for free download in docs file.

2024 Yearly Julian Calendar
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A customizable year-at-a-glance Julian calendar in a portrait format for the year 2024. The downloadable template is accessible in doc, pdf, and jpg formats.

2024 Julian Day Calendar
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A portrait-format Julian day calendar for 2024 is offered with Gregorian dates and official holidays. To make preparing for the future easier, it also provides the preceding and next months.

2024 Calendar With Julian Dates
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A monthly 2024 Julian date calendar in vertical style with Gregorian dates and holidays within huge boxes layout. There are comments section available.

2024 Julian Date Calendar
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Download a word annual 2024 Julian calendar template with US holidays in landscape style. The empty space on the right is ideal for a trip or meeting organizer.

2024 Julian Monthly Calendar
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Print and Download the 2024 Julian monthly calendar with US public holidays and Roman dates. Both the Word and PDF editions of this calendar are available.

2024 Monthly Julian Calendar Landscape
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Printable A4-sized landscape-style 2024 calendar template that includes Georgian dates and US public holidays. The daily organiser has space for three lines of comments each day.

Popular 2024 Templates Pages

Popular 2024 Calendar Template Pages

Free 2024 Julian Date Calendar Service

The Julian code calendar templates are available for free download on our website. You can find landscape and portrait editions of these calendars in our collection. Also, you will find monthly (12-page calendar) and yearly (one-page) Julian calendars featuring US federal holidays, and Roman and Gregorian dates. The templates have a clear and orderly layout, with space for notes and appointment scheduling. The dates and text appear in easy-to-read fonts.

CalendarLabs Julian day calendar templates are easily customizable using any word editor application. Also, you can print these calendars on A3, A4, Letter, or Legal size papers.

What is a Julian Year?

A Julian year is a unit of time used in astronomy. We define it as exactly 365.25 days of 86,400 seconds each, the average length of the year in the Julian calendar.

What is a Julian Calendar?

Julius Caesar introduced the Julian calendar in 46 BC. It is based on the movement of the Earth around the Sun and has 365 days in most years, with an extra day added every four years. They used the Julian calendar in most of the Western world until 1582 when it got replaced by the Gregorian calendar, which is more accurate and aligns better with the seasons. Some Eastern Orthodox churches, Oriental Orthodox churches, and Berbers still use the Julian calendar for religious purposes.

What are the uses of a Julian Date Calendar?

A Julian date calendar shows the army Julian dates for every day of the year and helps the army to track the dates of their supplies, communicate the date and time of their missions, and so on. The Julian calendars are also widely used in astronomy in calculating dates of events such as eclipses, comets, and planetary conjunctions.

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