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The next public holiday in Vietnam is

1st January, Thursday

List of National and Regional Public Holidays of Vietnam in 2019

TuesdayTueJan 01, 2019Jan 01New Year's Day
MondayMonFeb 04, 2019Feb 04Vietnamese New Year Eve
TuesdayTueFeb 05, 2019Feb 05Vietnamese New Year
WednesdayWedFeb 06, 2019Feb 06Tet holiday
ThursdayThuFeb 07, 2019Feb 07Tet holiday
FridayFriFeb 08, 2019Feb 08Tet holiday
SaturdaySatFeb 09, 2019Feb 09Tet holiday
SundaySunApr 14, 2019Apr 14Vietnamese Kings' Commemoration Day
TuesdayTueApr 30, 2019Apr 30Liberation Day/Reunification Day
WednesdayWedMay 01, 2019May 01International Labor Day
MondayMonSep 02, 2019Sep 02Independence Day

Upcoming Public Holidays in Vietnam

2019 Public Holidays Vietnam Service

The above is the list of 2019 public holidays declared in Vietnam which includes federal, regional government holidays and popular observances. We also provide Vietnam holiday calendar for 2019 in Word, Excel, PDF and printable online formats.

Vietnam has 17 public holidays in a year. The public holidays are regulated by the Ministry of Foreign affairs. Under Article 115 of this labor code; workers are to receive ten holidays in a year. The religious and historical event influences the public holidays in the country.

When a public holiday falls on a weekend, the staff is allowed to take the following day off. An employee from another country is entitled to get an extra day off to celebrate the national day for their respective country. According to the laws of the land, public holidays that occur on a Saturday or a Sunday, are automatically moved to the following Monday. This day will also be a paid day off. Workers who cannot take a day off due to the nature of their jobs are compensated and allowed to pick a day off the following week or get additional leave days if they so desired.

Business is high towards these public holiday celebrations as residents stock up with supplies. On the day of the public holiday, most of the shops are closed down only a few are left open on areas with high tourist’s accommodation. The transport is slow, but towards the evening there little to no movements in the streets as all people take the festivities to their houses. The public holidays take on a religious theme. The celebration could go for a day and at most five days. Throughout this time, the residents pray, feast and dance with colorful decoration honoring their respective Saints. The culture is vibrant and does not restrict any foreigners from participating in the celebrations.