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The next holiday in Japan is

18th September, MondayRespect for the Aged Day

List of National and Regional Public Holidays of Japan in 2015

ThursdayThuJan 01, 2015Jan 01New Year's Day
MondayMonJan 12, 2015Jan 12Coming of Age Day
WednesdayWedFeb 11, 2015Feb 11National Foundation Day
SaturdaySatMar 21, 2015Mar 21Spring Equinox
WednesdayWedApr 29, 2015Apr 29Showa Day
SundaySunMay 03, 2015May 03Constitution Memorial Day
MondayMonMay 04, 2015May 04Greenery Day & National Holiday
TuesdayTueMay 05, 2015May 05Children's Day
MondayMonJul 13, 2015Jul 13Festival of Souls (Obon)
MondayMonJul 20, 2015Jul 20Sea Day
MondayMonSep 21, 2015Sep 21Respect for the Aged Day
WednesdayWedSep 23, 2015Sep 23Autumn Equinox Day
MondayMonOct 12, 2015Oct 12Sports Day
TuesdayTueNov 03, 2015Nov 03Culture Day
MondayMonNov 23, 2015Nov 23Labor Thanksgiving Day
WednesdayWedDec 23, 2015Dec 23Emperor's Birthday
FridayFriDec 25, 2015Dec 25Christmas Day
ThursdayThuDec 31, 2015Dec 31Omisoka

Upcoming Holidays in Japan

Respect for the Aged Day

Respect for the Aged Day

Monday Sep 18, 2017

The upcoming holiday Respect for the Aged Day in Japan is in 31 days from today.

Autumn Equinox Day

Autumn Equinox Day

Saturday Sep 23, 2017

The upcoming holiday Autumn Equinox Day in Japan is in 36 days from today.

Sports Day

Sports Day

Monday Oct 09, 2017

The upcoming holiday Sports Day in Japan is in 52 days from today.

List of National and Regional Public Holidays of Japan in 2014

WednesdayWedJan 01, 2014Jan 01New Year's Day
MondayMonJan 13, 2014Jan 13Coming of Age Day
TuesdayTueFeb 11, 2014Feb 11National Foundation Day
FridayFriMar 21, 2014Mar 21Spring Equinox
TuesdayTueApr 29, 2014Apr 29Showa Day
SaturdaySatMay 03, 2014May 03Constitution Memorial Day
SundaySunMay 04, 2014May 04Greenery Day & National Holiday
MondayMonMay 05, 2014May 05Children's Day
SundaySunJul 13, 2014Jul 13Festival of Souls (Obon)
MondayMonJul 14, 2014Jul 14Sea Day
MondayMonSep 15, 2014Sep 15Respect for the Aged Day
TuesdayTueSep 23, 2014Sep 23Autumn Equinox Day
MondayMonOct 13, 2014Oct 13Sports Day
MondayMonNov 03, 2014Nov 03Culture Day
MondayMonNov 24, 2014Nov 24Labor Thanksgiving Day
TuesdayTueDec 23, 2014Dec 23Emperor's Birthday
ThursdayThuDec 25, 2014Dec 25Christmas Day
WednesdayWedDec 31, 2014Dec 31Omisoka