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The next bank holiday in Jammu And Kashmir is

30th October, FridayEid-e-Milad

List of Bank Holidays of Jammu And Kashmir in 2020

SaturdaySatJan 11, 2020Jan 112nd Saturday Bank Holiday
SaturdaySatJan 25, 2020Jan 254th Saturday Bank Holiday
SundaySunJan 26, 2020Jan 26Republic Day
SaturdaySatFeb 08, 2020Feb 082nd Saturday Bank Holiday
FridayFriFeb 21, 2020Feb 21Maha Shivaratri
SaturdaySatFeb 22, 2020Feb 224th Saturday Bank Holiday
TuesdayTueMar 10, 2020Mar 10Holi (Jammu Province only)
SaturdaySatMar 14, 2020Mar 142nd Saturday Bank Holiday
WednesdayWedMar 25, 2020Mar 251st Navratra
SaturdaySatMar 28, 2020Mar 284th Saturday Bank Holiday
WednesdayWedApr 01, 2020Apr 01Annual Closing of Bank Accounts
SaturdaySatApr 11, 2020Apr 112nd Saturday Bank Holiday
MondayMonApr 13, 2020Apr 13Vaisakhi
SaturdaySatApr 25, 2020Apr 254th Saturday Bank Holiday
ThursdayThuMay 07, 2020May 07Buddha Purnima
SaturdaySatMay 09, 2020May 092nd Saturday Bank Holiday
ThursdayThuMay 21, 2020May 21Shab-e-Qadr
FridayFriMay 22, 2020May 22Jamat-Ul-Vida
SaturdaySatMay 23, 2020May 234th Saturday Bank Holiday
MondayMonMay 25, 2020May 25Eid al-Fitr
SaturdaySatJun 13, 2020Jun 132nd Saturday Bank Holiday
SaturdaySatJun 27, 2020Jun 274th Saturday Bank Holiday
SundaySunJul 05, 2020Jul 05Guru Hargobind Ji's Birthday
SaturdaySatJul 11, 2020Jul 112nd Saturday Bank Holiday
MondayMonJul 13, 2020Jul 13Martyr's Day
SaturdaySatJul 25, 2020Jul 254th Saturday Bank Holiday
FridayFriJul 31, 2020Jul 31Eid al-Zuha
FridayFriJul 31, 2020Jul 31Eid al-Zuha
SaturdaySatAug 08, 2020Aug 082nd Saturday Bank Holiday
TuesdayTueAug 11, 2020Aug 11Shri Krishna Janmashtami
SaturdaySatAug 15, 2020Aug 15Independence Day
SaturdaySatAug 22, 2020Aug 224th Saturday Bank Holiday
SaturdaySatAug 29, 2020Aug 29Ashoora
SaturdaySatSep 12, 2020Sep 122nd Saturday Bank Holiday
SaturdaySatSep 26, 2020Sep 264th Saturday Bank Holiday
FridayFriOct 02, 2020Oct 02Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
SaturdaySatOct 10, 2020Oct 102nd Saturday Bank Holiday
SaturdaySatOct 24, 2020Oct 244th Saturday Bank Holiday
MondayMonOct 26, 2020Oct 26Vijaya Dashami
FridayFriOct 30, 2020Oct 30Eid-e-Milad
FridayFriNov 06, 2020Nov 06Friday Following Eid-e-Milad
SaturdaySatNov 14, 2020Nov 142nd Saturday Bank Holiday
SaturdaySatNov 14, 2020Nov 14Deepavali / Diwali
SaturdaySatNov 28, 2020Nov 284th Saturday Bank Holiday
SaturdaySatDec 05, 2020Dec 05Birthday of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah
SaturdaySatDec 12, 2020Dec 122nd Saturday Bank Holiday
FridayFriDec 25, 2020Dec 25Christmas
SaturdaySatDec 26, 2020Dec 264th Saturday Bank Holiday

Upcoming Bank Holidays in Jammu And Kashmir



Friday Oct 30, 2020

The upcoming India holiday Eid-e-Milad is in 2 days from today.

Friday Following Eid-e-Milad

Friday Following Eid-e-Milad

Friday Nov 06, 2020

The upcoming India holiday Friday Following Eid-e-Milad is in 9 days from today.

2nd Saturday Bank Holiday

2nd Saturday Bank Holiday

Saturday Nov 14, 2020

The upcoming India holiday 2nd Saturday Bank Holiday is in 17 days from today.

2020 Jammu And Kashmir Bank Holidays Service

Here is the list of bank holidays for Jammu And Kashmir we have provided for your reference. You can use the list to plan and schedule your business activities and operations. The second Saturday and fourth Saturday of every month is a public holiday for the state of Jammu And Kashmir. This bank holiday schedule is also available as Jammu And Kashmir bank iCal calendar which you can import into calendar applications in iOS, Android and other desktop or online calendar application.