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The next public holiday in Ecuador is

2nd November, MondayAll Souls' Day

List of National and Regional Public Holidays of Ecuador in 2020

WednesdayWedJan 01, 2020Jan 01New Year's Day
MondayMonFeb 24, 2020Feb 24Carnival
TuesdayTueFeb 25, 2020Feb 25Carnival/Shrove Tuesday
FridayFriApr 10, 2020Apr 10Good Friday
FridayFriMay 01, 2020May 01Labour Day
MondayMonMay 25, 2020May 25Battle of Pichincha Holiday
MondayMonAug 10, 2020Aug 10National Day
FridayFriOct 09, 2020Oct 09Independence of Guayaquil
MondayMonNov 02, 2020Nov 02All Souls' Day
TuesdayTueNov 03, 2020Nov 03Independence of Cuenca
FridayFriDec 25, 2020Dec 25Christmas

Public Holidays in Ecuador

All Souls' Day

All Souls' Day

Monday Nov 02, 2020

The upcoming Ecuador holiday All Souls' Day is in 4 days from today.

Independence of Cuenca

Independence of Cuenca

Tuesday Nov 03, 2020

The upcoming Ecuador holiday Independence of Cuenca is in 5 days from today.



Friday Dec 25, 2020

The upcoming Ecuador holiday Christmas is in 57 days from today.

2020 Public Holidays Ecuador Service

The above is the list of 2020 public holidays declared in Ecuador which includes federal, regional government holidays and popular observances. We also provide Ecuador holiday calendar for 2020 in Word, Excel, PDF and printable online formats.

Holidays in the Republic of Ecuador are structured by the Ministry of Labor and are now are in keeping with the code of practice outlined in the Labor Code dispensed on June 30, 1977, and far along established in 1994. Only a single amendment was made to the Ecuadorian labor code— in the year of 2007 by Decree 2369. This decree has made the length of time for the Carnival celebration to be higher than before.

Holidays in Ecuador are mostly from the Catholic religious calendar, the nation's leading religion. Such holidays have now-blended with homegrown traditions that were there before the arrival of the Spanish. Other significant holidays celebrate the hard-won independence of the nation, from Spain, with nationwide celebrations and regional jubilees.

The labor laws in the Republic of Ecuador instruct the employer to give workers a day off to celebrate its nationally-acknowledged holidays. The pay for the employees on the given days is hooked on the contractual terms between the member of staff and employer. The employees that are required to be at work on a holiday due to the state of their position, or their industry, are entitled to one day off of work after the holiday celebrations.

The Republic of Ecuador appears to be a firm believer in long weekends to celebrate public holidays. If a traditional holiday takes place in between the week, the government may alter the date for the commemoration in the year to a Monday or a Friday to allow for the beloved extended weekends.