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The next public holiday in Kazakhstan is

30th August, TuesdayConstitution Day of the RK

List of National and Regional Public Holidays of Kazakhstan in 2022

SaturdaySatJan 01, 2022Jan 01New Year
MondayMonJan 03, 2022Jan 03New Year Holiday
TuesdayTueJan 04, 2022Jan 04New Year Holiday
TuesdayTueMar 08, 2022Mar 08International Women’s Day
MondayMonMar 21, 2022Mar 21Nauryz holiday
TuesdayTueMar 22, 2022Mar 22Nauryz holiday
WednesdayWedMar 23, 2022Mar 23Nauryz holiday
SundaySunMay 01, 2022May 01Kazakhstan's People Solidarity Holiday
SaturdaySatMay 07, 2022May 07Defenders' day
MondayMonMay 09, 2022May 09Victory Day
TuesdayTueMay 10, 2022May 10Defenders' day holiday
WednesdayWedJul 06, 2022Jul 06Capital Day
TuesdayTueAug 30, 2022Aug 30Constitution Day of the RK
ThursdayThuDec 01, 2022Dec 01First President Day
FridayFriDec 16, 2022Dec 16Independence Day
MondayMonDec 19, 2022Dec 19Independence Day Holiday

Public Holidays in Kazakhstan

Constitution Day of the RK

Constitution Day of the RK

Tuesday Aug 30, 2022

The upcoming Kazakhstan holiday Constitution Day of the RK is in 54 days from today.

First President Day

First President Day

Thursday Dec 01, 2022

The upcoming Kazakhstan holiday First President Day is in 147 days from today.

Independence Day

Independence Day

Friday Dec 16, 2022

The upcoming Kazakhstan holiday Independence Day is in 162 days from today.

2022 Public Holidays Kazakhstan Service

The above is the list of 2022 public holidays declared in Kazakhstan which includes federal, regional government holidays and popular observances. We also provide Kazakhstan holiday calendar for 2022 in Word, Excel, PDF and printable online formats.

The Republic of Kazakhstan has numerous holidays celebrated throughout the year. The holidays are categorized into three: national, public and religious / professional. The public holidays are set under the president's directives. Employees are given a paid holiday during an official holiday.

If any holiday falls on a weekend, a day is set aside on the next week. During official holidays, all government offices, businesses, and institutions are closed.

Kazakhstan celebrates major religious holidays. The most celebrated is the Qurban Eid/ Eid Al-Adha which is the sacrifice feast. It is the Muslim holiday celebrated worldwide. The day marks the end of the Haji, (annual pilgrimage to Mecca). The most important part of the celebration is the first day where sacrificial lambs are offered to Allah. Individual mosques always determine the size of the lamb to be used. In the morning, Muslims perform Eid Namaz "Eid prayer." The prayers act as the basis to begin sacrificial rituals.

Being a Muslim dominated nation, Christians and other religions are allowed to hold their holy days, but they are not recognized as public holidays.

National holidays are held in remembrance of historical events that have importance in the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. There are several important national holidays celebrated the major ones are: Fatherland Defenders Day, The Republic of Kazakhstan National Symbol Day and Political Representative Victims Day. These holidays are observed to commemorate the victims and ancestors whose effort led to the liberation of the nation.

The nation celebrates public holidays that have social-political importance. These traditional Kazakhstan holidays include the New Year, Nauryz, Unity Day, and Capital Day.