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When is National Wine Day in 2023?

National Wine Day in 2023 is on the Saturday, 8th of Apr (4/08/2023).

National Wine Day is on the 98th day of 2023. There are 267 days left in the year.

National Wine Day Facts

  • Date: Apr 08, 2023
  • Fun
  • Also Called: Wine Day
  • Celebrations: Invite family and friends over for dinner
National Wine Day iImage Credit: PixaBay.com

Made from fermented fresh grapes and other fruits, wine has been part of human life for 8000 years. The yeast breaks down the fruits during the fermentation process making them alcoholic. Winemakers combine different varieties to come up with better and more complex flavors. For this reason, 25th May is the day set aside to appreciate wine and enjoy its history.

After the National Wine Day was established, many other National Wine Appreciation Days have popped up. Such include national drink wine day, International Sauvignon Blanc Day and International Cabernet Day.

However, National Wine Day should not be confused with National Drink Wine Day observed on February 18th.

History of Wine

Although the history behind National Wine Day is not known, details of when wine started being produced are still alive. Scientists found a winery in Areni Cave at the outskirts of Vayouts Dzor in Amenia. The winery is believed to have been producing wine in 4300 BC as they discovered cups, jars, and equipment used in wine fermentation in the winery. Archeologists further discovered seeds and vines at the site, something that made them believe that winemaking could have existed a few hundred years back. Other scientists suggest that winemaking started about 8000 years ago. This is after an 8000-year-old wine bottle was discovered in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, present-day Georgia. Today, countries across the globe convey this history by observing the International Wine Day on 25th May every year.

How to Celebrate National Wine Day

Observe National Wine Day by devouring your favorite wine version. Whether you like it sweet or dry, fizzy or flat, red or white, celebrate this day by pouring yourself a glass or two. Be sure to invite family and friends over for dinner and pair it with some bottles of their favorite brands.

You might also need to consider tagging a friend along for wine tasting. Some of the best vineyards to go wine tasting are in California, Missouri, Oregon, and Virginia. If you can’t manage to visit any of the vineyards, plan to attend National Wine Day events that could be happening near you.

National Wine Day is also a day to get creative by not just drinking wine. Make some wine ice cream, wine slushies or cook a dish of pasta or scallops with wine. The internet will surely give you more insights on how to get more creative with wine.

Another great way to mark National Wine Day celebrations is by learning everything about wine by visiting your local library or the internet. The best way however to get first-hand information is heading down to where wine is made. The US has some of the best wineries, and it can be a great experience visiting one of them. From St. James Winery in Missouri, Smith-Madrone Vineyards and Winery in St. Helena, California and Domaine Drouhin Oregon in Dayton, Oregon.

Why We Love Wine?

Besides water, the wine possesses meaningfulness that no other beverage does. It conveys history, makes food taste better, and when you have friends visiting, it’s the perfect gesture of hospitality.

Research has also shown that a maximum of two glasses of wine a day has excellent health benefits. From a lower risk of liver disease, heart attack, stroke to reducing bad cholesterol in the body. However, you should avoid more than two glasses daily as this can set in the effects of alcohol and introduce more calories in the body.

Interesting Facts about Wine

- The smell of old wine is known as a bouquet while that of young wine is the aroma.

- Not all wines get better with age. Some brands are meant for consumption immediately after bottling. Leaving it in a cellar to mature might make certain wine varieties spoil.

- In the US, the states of California, Florida and New York lead in wine consumption.

- Southwestern France has produced wine since Roman times.

- Ancient Romans would mix wine with lead as a means to preserve it longer and give it a sweeter taste.

- The Germans invented Ice Wine (Eiswein), a brand of wine made from frozen grapes.

National Wine Day Observances

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