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The next public holiday in Mozambique is

7th September, WednesdayVictory Day

List of National and Regional Public Holidays of Mozambique in 2022

SaturdaySatJan 01, 2022Jan 01New Year's Day
ThursdayThuFeb 03, 2022Feb 03Mozambican Heroes Day
ThursdayThuApr 07, 2022Apr 07Mozambican Women's Day
SundaySunMay 01, 2022May 01International Workers' Day
MondayMonMay 02, 2022May 02International Workers' Day Holiday
SaturdaySatJun 25, 2022Jun 25National Independence Day
WednesdayWedSep 07, 2022Sep 07Victory Day
SundaySunSep 25, 2022Sep 25Armed Forces Day
MondayMonSep 26, 2022Sep 26Armed Forces Day Holiday
TuesdayTueOct 04, 2022Oct 04Peace and Reconciliation Day
SundaySunDec 25, 2022Dec 25Family Day
MondayMonDec 26, 2022Dec 26Family Day Holiday

Public Holidays in Mozambique

Victory Day

Victory Day

Wednesday Sep 07, 2022

The upcoming Mozambique holiday Victory Day is in 68 days from today.

Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day

Sunday Sep 25, 2022

The upcoming Mozambique holiday Armed Forces Day is in 86 days from today.

Armed Forces Day Holiday

Armed Forces Day Holiday

Monday Sep 26, 2022

The upcoming Mozambique holiday Armed Forces Day Holiday is in 87 days from today.

2022 Public Holidays Mozambique Service

The above is the list of 2022 public holidays declared in Mozambique which includes federal, regional government holidays and popular observances. We also provide Mozambique holiday calendar for 2022 in Word, Excel, PDF and printable online formats.

Mozambique has a total of nine holidays in a year. The government plays a critical role in ensuring that the organizations respect the laws and do not subject their workers to work on holidays. Under the labor laws of Mozambique, the holiday that falls on the weekend gets pushed to the Monday of the following week. Many countries have religious holidays; Mozambique falls short on the list as it does not have any religion based holiday to commemorate. They even have a family day as a holiday in December but lack one celebrating a saint in one of their religions. The nation has many religions making it impossible to select a holiday of each faith to standardize for the entire country. The diversity of faith in the country makes holidays celebration random. As different religions find ways of honoring their saints, the government does not acknowledge these days and thus does not offer off days for workers.

As declared in section 10, articles 95 under the labor code, workers get to receive a day off for a holiday, whether they are working for the government or not. Employers have to recognize these holidays and plan their operations in a manner that will relieve their workers when the day comes.

These holidays are referred to as ‘ad-hoc’ holidays. These holidays are mandatory and required to be respected by government and non-governmental organizations. An example of the ad hoc holiday could present itself when a senior official or person such as the pope chooses to come to the country.