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The next public holiday in Egypt is

8th July, FridayArafat Day

List of National and Regional Public Holidays of Egypt in 2022

FridayFriJan 07, 2022Jan 07Coptic Christmas
TuesdayTueJan 25, 2022Jan 25Revolution Day January 25
SundaySunApr 24, 2022Apr 24Coptic Easter Sunday
MondayMonApr 25, 2022Apr 25Sinai Liberation Day
MondayMonApr 25, 2022Apr 25Sham El Nessim (Spring festival)
SundaySunMay 01, 2022May 01Labor Day
MondayMonMay 02, 2022May 02End of Ramadan
TuesdayTueMay 03, 2022May 03End of Ramadan Day 2
FridayFriJul 08, 2022Jul 08Arafat Day
SaturdaySatJul 09, 2022Jul 09Eid al-Adha
SundaySunJul 10, 2022Jul 10Eid al-Adha Day 2
SaturdaySatJul 30, 2022Jul 30Revolution Day
SaturdaySatJul 30, 2022Jul 30Muharram
ThursdayThuOct 06, 2022Oct 06Armed Forces Day
FridayFriOct 07, 2022Oct 07Mawlid An-Nabi

Public Holidays in Egypt

Arafat Day

Arafat Day

Friday Jul 08, 2022

The upcoming Egypt holiday Arafat Day is in 4 days from today.

Eid al-Adha

Eid al-Adha

Saturday Jul 09, 2022

The upcoming Egypt holiday Eid al-Adha is in 5 days from today.

Eid al-Adha Day 2

Eid al-Adha Day 2

Sunday Jul 10, 2022

The upcoming Egypt holiday Eid al-Adha Day 2 is in 6 days from today.

2022 Public Holidays Egypt Service

The above is the list of 2022 public holidays declared in Egypt which includes federal, regional government holidays and popular observances. We also provide Egypt holiday calendar for 2022 in Word, Excel, PDF and printable online formats.

Public holidays in the Republic of Egypt are a norm. About 21 official national days are celebrated in this nation. In addition to the official public holidays, some regions in the country conduct religious and cultural observances. The land enjoys a wide range of festivals in its years, most of which are open to all the masses. The holidays in the country are religious and customary, such as the Leylet en Nuktah - a jubilee where people annually gather to show reverence to the Nile River. That is in addition to numerous other feasts of art and culture. The country is chiefly Muslim, with a minority of Coptic Christians, as well as other religions. That adds to the total of the many religious celebrations in which the Egyptians take part.

A vast majority of the national holidays in the Republic of Egypt are made in honor to the struggle of the nation for freedom from their colonizer, as well as religious equality. Some of the holy days that are memorialized include the first three days of the month of Ramadan and the early five days of the Qurban Bairam holiday.

Concerning labor, many of these public holidays are flexible, based on positions outlined in an employment pact or agreement. The Egyptian Labor Code provides that employers provide their staffs with at least 13 paid public holidays per year. Compensation in the amount of double the typical salary is paid in cases where a worker is expected to work on a public holiday.