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The next public holiday in Nepal is

7th October, ThursdayGhatasthapana

List of National and Regional Public Holidays of Nepal in 2021

MondayMonJan 11, 2021Jan 11Prithvi Jayanti
ThursdayThuJan 14, 2021Jan 14Maghe Sankranti
SaturdaySatJan 30, 2021Jan 30Martyrs' Day
FridayFriFeb 12, 2021Feb 12Sonam Losar
FridayFriFeb 19, 2021Feb 19Prajatantra Diwas
MondayMonMar 08, 2021Mar 08International Women's Day
ThursdayThuMar 11, 2021Mar 11Maha Shivaratri
SaturdaySatMar 13, 2021Mar 13Ghyalpo Losar
SundaySunApr 11, 2021Apr 11Ghode Jatra (Kathmandu valley)
WednesdayWedApr 14, 2021Apr 14Nepali New Year
WednesdayWedApr 21, 2021Apr 21Ram Navami
SaturdaySatApr 24, 2021Apr 24Loktantra Diwas
SaturdaySatMay 01, 2021May 01Labour Day
FridayFriMay 14, 2021May 14Ramjan Edul Fikra
WednesdayWedMay 26, 2021May 26Buddha Jayanti
SaturdaySatMay 29, 2021May 29Ganatantra Diwas
TuesdayTueJul 20, 2021Jul 20Edul Aajaha
SaturdaySatAug 21, 2021Aug 21Raksha Bandhan
SundaySunAug 22, 2021Aug 22Indra Jatra (Kathmandu valley)
MondayMonAug 23, 2021Aug 23Gai Jatra (Kathmandu valley)
MondayMonAug 30, 2021Aug 30Shree Krishna Janmashtami
TuesdayTueSep 07, 2021Sep 07Nijamati Sewa Diwas (Civil Employees)
ThursdayThuSep 09, 2021Sep 09Hartalika Teej (Females)
SaturdaySatSep 11, 2021Sep 11Rishi Panchami (Females)
TuesdayTueSep 14, 2021Sep 14Gaura Parba
SundaySunSep 19, 2021Sep 19Constitution Day
ThursdayThuOct 07, 2021Oct 07Ghatasthapana
TuesdayTueOct 12, 2021Oct 12Fulpati
WednesdayWedOct 13, 2021Oct 13Maha Ashtami
ThursdayThuOct 14, 2021Oct 14Maha Navami
FridayFriOct 15, 2021Oct 15Vijaya Dashami
SaturdaySatOct 16, 2021Oct 16Ekadashi
SundaySunOct 17, 2021Oct 17Dwadashi
TuesdayTueOct 19, 2021Oct 19Kojagrat Purnima
ThursdayThuNov 04, 2021Nov 04Laxmi Puja
FridayFriNov 05, 2021Nov 05Govardhan Puja
SaturdaySatNov 06, 2021Nov 06Bhai Tika
WednesdayWedNov 10, 2021Nov 10Chhath Puja
FridayFriNov 19, 2021Nov 19Guru Nanak Jayanti (Sikhs)
SaturdaySatDec 18, 2021Dec 18Udhauli Parva
SaturdaySatDec 25, 2021Dec 25Christmas Day
ThursdayThuDec 30, 2021Dec 30Tamu Losar

Public Holidays in Nepal



Thursday Oct 07, 2021

The upcoming Nepal holiday Ghatasthapana is in 10 days from today.



Tuesday Oct 12, 2021

The upcoming Nepal holiday Fulpati is in 15 days from today.

Maha Ashtami

Maha Ashtami

Wednesday Oct 13, 2021

The upcoming Nepal holiday Maha Ashtami is in 16 days from today.

2021 Public Holidays Nepal Service

The above is the list of 2021 public holidays declared in Nepal which includes federal, regional government holidays and popular observances. We also provide Nepal holiday calendar for 2021 in Word, Excel, PDF and printable online formats.

Nepal has a total of 42 holidays. These holidays differ from other countries because they are divided into different categories depending on who observes them. These include those observed by a specific gender, Christians, Sikhs, Civil employees, and the Kathmandu valley. Or instance, women observe the Hartalika, whereas Christians observe the Christian day. The Sikhs observe the GuruNanak Jayanti, and the Civil Employees observe Nijamati Sewa Diwas.

The Labor Relations committee regulates the holidays in Nepal. In the country, Saturdays are considered a holiday. The employees working in the country get 13 paid public holidays each year. There are no special wages for holidays; workers get the same amount of wages they receive during their regular workdays. The country’s holidays are based on religions and culture. These holidays vary regarding the length of celebrations. For instance, the Vijaya Dashami is observed for six days, and celebrations include festivals and dances. Other holidays are celebrated in the Kathmandu valley but not included in the public holiday list. A few others do not get a lot of attention except for families taking time to be together.

Other reasons aside from culture and religion that leads to the commemoration of these holidays is a democracy. Democracy day is celebrated to commemorate the day in history when Nepalese were released from bondage and clutches of Rana autocracy.

The Nepalese government has the power to include a holiday on a special occasion. Foreigners and those visiting the country are allowed to participate in events related to their lives or culture but not attend any that are not associated with their faith as different religions have restrictions.