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The next public holiday in Lebanon is

25th December, SundayChristmas

List of National and Regional Public Holidays of Lebanon in 2023

SundaySunJan 01, 2023Jan 01New Year's Day
FridayFriJan 06, 2023Jan 06Christmas at the Armenian Orthodox denominations
ThursdayThuFeb 09, 2023Feb 09Saint Maroun's Day
TuesdayTueFeb 14, 2023Feb 14Rafik Hariri Memorial Day
SaturdaySatMar 25, 2023Mar 25The Annunciation of the virgin mary
FridayFriApr 07, 2023Apr 07Good Friday at the Catholic sects
SundaySunApr 09, 2023Apr 09Easter at the Catholic sects
FridayFriApr 14, 2023Apr 14Good Friday at the Orthodox sects
SundaySunApr 16, 2023Apr 16Easter at the Orthodox sects
FridayFriApr 21, 2023Apr 21Eid-al-Fitr
MondayMonMay 01, 2023May 01Labor Day
SundaySunMay 07, 2023May 07Martyr's Day
SundaySunMay 14, 2023May 14Resistance and Liberation Day
WednesdayWedJun 28, 2023Jun 28Eid al-Adha
WednesdayWedJul 19, 2023Jul 19Islamic New Year
FridayFriJul 28, 2023Jul 28Memory of Ashura
TuesdayTueAug 15, 2023Aug 15Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin
WednesdayWedSep 27, 2023Sep 27Prophet's birth anniversary
WednesdayWedNov 22, 2023Nov 22Independence Day
MondayMonDec 25, 2023Dec 25Christmas

Public Holidays in Lebanon



Sunday Dec 25, 2022

The upcoming Lebanon holiday Christmas is in 22 days from today.

New Year's Day

New Year's Day

Sunday Jan 01, 2023

The upcoming Lebanon holiday New Year's Day is in 29 days from today.

Christmas at the Armenian Orthodox denominations

Christmas at the Armenian Orthodox denominations

Friday Jan 06, 2023

The upcoming Lebanon holiday Christmas at the Armenian Orthodox denominations is in 34 days from today.

List of Popular Celebration Days of United States in 2023

FridayFriJun 02, 2023Jun 02National Donut Day

2023 Public Holidays Lebanon Service

The above is the list of 2023 public holidays declared in Lebanon which includes federal, regional government holidays and popular observances. We also provide Lebanon holiday calendar for 2023 in Word, Excel, PDF and printable online formats.

Considered the smallest country in Asia, Lebanon is estimated to be 10,452 sq km. Lebanon’s public holidays are mostly concentrated on culture and are categorized into two; national and religious holidays. Government offices and businesses are closed during official public holidays. Workers are entitled to a paid day off during holidays.

The New Year celebration marks the beginning of the entire annual festival. The day is marked with lots of music around the street accompanied by cultural festivities around the nation. Labor Day is also celebrated in May to coincide with International Workers Day. The day is marked speeches and movements geared towards bettering the employee's services such as salaries and their general welfare.

Lebanon public holidays are based on cultural music festivals. Byblos Festivals is one of the most celebrated music festivals that bring a diverse range of local and international music artists. Baalbeck International Festival is another music festival that is centered on jazz music.

Religious public holidays are mainly based on Christianity and Islamic religions. Islamic religions celebrate Eid al-Fitr which marks the end of Ramadan. The holiday is marked with much of feasting and giving out gifts. Muslims celebrate Eid AL- Adha too, to commemorate Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son. Christians observe Good Friday, Easter and Christmas.

Lebanon celebrates Independence Day as one of the most National celebrations. Entertainments of different kinds often grace the day. Military parades, cultural songs, and traditional concerts are the order of the day. The day is seen as a symbol of unity and cohesion in the Lebanon nation.