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The next public holiday in Sri Lanka is

3rd June, SaturdayPoson Full Moon Poya Day

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List of National and Regional Public Holidays of Sri Lanka in 2023

FridayFriJan 06, 2023Jan 06Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day
SundaySunJan 15, 2023Jan 15Tamil Thai Pongal Day
SaturdaySatFeb 04, 2023Feb 04National Day
SundaySunFeb 05, 2023Feb 05Nawam Full Moon Poya Day
SaturdaySatFeb 18, 2023Feb 18Mahasivarathri Day
TuesdayTueMar 07, 2023Mar 07Madin Full Moon Poya Day
WednesdayWedApr 05, 2023Apr 05Bak Full Moon Poya Day
FridayFriApr 07, 2023Apr 07Good Friday
ThursdayThuApr 13, 2023Apr 13Day prior to Sinhala & Tamil New Year Day
FridayFriApr 14, 2023Apr 14Sinhala and Tamil New Year Day
SaturdaySatApr 22, 2023Apr 22Id Ul Fitr
MondayMonMay 01, 2023May 01May Day
FridayFriMay 05, 2023May 05Vesak Full Moon Poya Day
SaturdaySatMay 06, 2023May 06Day following Vesak Full Moon Poya Day
SaturdaySatJun 03, 2023Jun 03Poson Full Moon Poya Day
ThursdayThuJun 29, 2023Jun 29Id ul-Alha
MondayMonJul 03, 2023Jul 03Esala Full Moon Poya Day
TuesdayTueAug 01, 2023Aug 01Nikini Full Moon Poya Day
ThursdayThuSep 28, 2023Sep 28Binara Full Moon Poya Day
ThursdayThuSep 28, 2023Sep 28Milad-un-Nabi
SaturdaySatOct 28, 2023Oct 28Vap Full Moon Poya Day
SundaySunNov 12, 2023Nov 12Deepavali Festival Day
SundaySunNov 26, 2023Nov 26Ill Full Moon Poya Day
MondayMonDec 25, 2023Dec 25Christmas
TuesdayTueDec 26, 2023Dec 26Unduvap Full Moon Poya Day

Public Holidays in Sri Lanka

Poson Full Moon Poya Day

Poson Full Moon Poya Day

Saturday Jun 03, 2023

The upcoming Sri Lanka holiday Poson Full Moon Poya Day is in 0 days from today.

Id ul-Alha

Id ul-Alha

Thursday Jun 29, 2023

The upcoming Sri Lanka holiday Id ul-Alha is in 26 days from today.

Esala Full Moon Poya Day

Esala Full Moon Poya Day

Monday Jul 03, 2023

The upcoming Sri Lanka holiday Esala Full Moon Poya Day is in 30 days from today.

List of Popular Celebration Days of United States in 2023

ThursdayThuJan 12, 2023Jan 12National Pharmacists Day
ThursdayThuJan 19, 2023Jan 19National Popcorn Day
WednesdayWedFeb 01, 2023Feb 01National Signing Day
ThursdayThuFeb 02, 2023Feb 02Groundhog Day
FridayFriFeb 03, 2023Feb 03National Wear Red Day
ThursdayThuFeb 09, 2023Feb 09National Pizza Day
MondayMonFeb 13, 2023Feb 13Galentine's Day
TuesdayTueFeb 14, 2023Feb 14Valentine's Day
WednesdayWedFeb 15, 2023Feb 15National Bagel Day
SaturdaySatFeb 18, 2023Feb 18National Drink Wine Day
TuesdayTueFeb 21, 2023Feb 21National Pancake Day
WednesdayWedFeb 22, 2023Feb 22National Margarita Day
FridayFriMar 03, 2023Mar 03National Employee Appreciation Day
TuesdayTueMar 07, 2023Mar 07National Cereal Day
SundaySunMar 12, 2023Mar 12Daylight savings
MondayMonMar 13, 2023Mar 13National Napping Day
TuesdayTueMar 14, 2023Mar 14National Walkout Day
TuesdayTueMar 14, 2023Mar 14National Pi Day
MondayMonMar 20, 2023Mar 20National Proposal Day
ThursdayThuMar 23, 2023Mar 23National Puppy Day
ThursdayThuMar 30, 2023Mar 30National Doctor Day
WednesdayWedApr 05, 2023Apr 05National Walking Day
ThursdayThuApr 06, 2023Apr 06National Burrito Day
FridayFriApr 07, 2023Apr 07National Beer Day
TuesdayTueApr 11, 2023Apr 11National Pet Day
WednesdayWedApr 12, 2023Apr 12National Grilled Cheese Day
ThursdayThuMay 04, 2023May 04National Day Of Prayer
SundaySunMay 14, 2023May 14Mother's Day
ThursdayThuMay 25, 2023May 25National Towel Day
ThursdayThuMay 25, 2023May 25National Wine Day
FridayFriJun 02, 2023Jun 02National Donut Day
ThursdayThuJun 08, 2023Jun 08National Best Friends Day
SundaySunJun 18, 2023Jun 18Father's Day
WednesdayWedJun 21, 2023Jun 21National Selfie Day
ThursdayThuJun 22, 2023Jun 22National Kissing Day
ThursdayThuJul 13, 2023Jul 13National French Fry Day
FridayFriJul 14, 2023Jul 14National Nude Day
SundaySunJul 16, 2023Jul 16National Ice Cream Day
WednesdayWedJul 19, 2023Jul 19National Hot Dog Day
SundaySunJul 23, 2023Jul 23Amazon Prime Day
MondayMonJul 24, 2023Jul 24National Tequila Day
SaturdaySatJul 29, 2023Jul 29National Chicken Wing Day
TuesdayTueAug 01, 2023Aug 01National Girlfriends Day
SundaySunAug 06, 2023Aug 06National Sister Day
MondayMonSep 18, 2023Sep 18National Cheeseburger Day
TuesdayTueOct 03, 2023Oct 03National Boyfriends Day
WednesdayWedOct 04, 2023Oct 04National Vodka Day
WednesdayWedOct 04, 2023Oct 04National Taco Day
MondayMonOct 09, 2023Oct 09Leif Erikson Day
SaturdaySatOct 21, 2023Oct 21Sweetest Day
SundaySunOct 29, 2023Oct 29National Cat Day
TuesdayTueOct 31, 2023Oct 31Halloween
FridayFriNov 03, 2023Nov 03National Sandwich Day
FridayFriNov 24, 2023Nov 24Black Friday
MondayMonNov 27, 2023Nov 27Cyber Monday
SaturdaySatDec 02, 2023Dec 02Candle Day
SaturdaySatDec 09, 2023Dec 09National Pastry Day
FridayFriDec 15, 2023Dec 15National Ugly Sweater day

2023 Public Holidays Sri Lanka Service

The above is the list of 2023 public holidays declared in Sri Lanka which includes federal, regional government holidays and popular observances. We also provide Sri Lanka holiday calendar for 2023 in Word, Excel, PDF and printable online formats.

Sri Lanka follows the teaching of Buddha. The public holidays are influenced by religion and culture. Despite the diversity in religion, the government has included holidays from Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism in the general public lists of holidays.

The nations enjoy 8 hours a day system. Each month, Sri Lanka’s citizens get one day off from work only on a Full Moon Poya Day. Those that work during public holidays are compensated as per the description of the employers. When the full moon falls on any weekend, the holidays are not moved. Workers also get 16 days in a year as paid days off for festivals and holidays.

Each holiday is different in response and celebration. A specific holiday requires strict adherence where festivities fill the streets, whereas others find some members of the religions going to the temples. The holidays which are not restricted to different people, beliefs, or cultures; each person can join the celebrations.

Sri Lanka has a rich and diverse heritage that draws millions of people annually. During these holidays, the streets are always business closes only for government institutions, banks, and schools. There are temples, mosques, churches and other cultures and religion-based attractions that tourists could see. The public transport is always active as business as usual. The nation has a list of 26 public holidays. All of these are recognized and regulated by the government. Each end year, the ministry of labour publishes all the public holidays for the coming year.