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When is Boxing Day in 2018?

Boxing Day in 2018 is on the Wednesday, 26th of Dec (12/26/2018).

Boxing Day is on the 360th day of 2018. There are 5 days left in the year.

Quick Facts : Boxing Day

  • Date: Dec 26, 2018
  • Religious
  • Also Called:
  • Celebrations: Shopping, Outdoor Sports, Donation
 Boxing Day iImage Credit: PhotoXpress

Boxing Day is celebrated on 26th December or on the first weekday after Christmas. Boxing Day is a public holiday in Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, UK and in other countries with a mainly Christian population. This is a day to open the Christmas box and share the gifts with the poor.

It is believed that the Boxing Day started in England, in the middle of the nineteenth century, under Queen Victoria. This was a way for the upper class to give gifts in any form to the lower class people. On this day the Priests used to open the church's charity boxes and distribute them among the poor.

To keep the practice of Boxing Day alive, nowadays many people donate their time, services, and money to the people in need. On this day tradesmen (Servant, Sweeper, Milkman etc) collect their Christmas gifts in return of their good service throughout the year. Families get together, watch sports and play outdoor games and do lots of shopping on this day. Most shops open on Boxing Day to start the New Year sales.

Boxing Day Observances


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