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When is International Day of the African Child in 2021?

International Day of the African Child in 2021 is on the Wednesday, 16th of Jun (6/16/2021).

International Day of the African Child is on the 167th day of 2021. There are 198 days left in the year.

International Day of the African Child Facts

  • Date: Jun 16, 2021
  • International
  • Also Called: International Day of the African Child
  • Celebrations: Celebrate this day by creating awareness about the education system
International Day of the African Child iImage Credit: Flickr

Approximately half of the African population is made of children below the age of eighteen. Sadly, the majority of these children do not acquire early childhood development they need. They do not get basic education since most of them drop out of school before the age of ten. A large percentage also lacks enough food, shelter, and even clothing.

International Day of the African Child, which is observed every year on June 16th, was created to address these issues.

History of International Day of the African Child

Since 1991, the holiday has been observed across Africa and other countries that support the initiative. This day has its origin in Soweto, South Africa back on June 16th, 1976, when more than 10,000 black children marched protesting the poor quality of education in their country. The children walked in a column for more than a mile as they also demanded to be taught in their own language that they could easily understand.

Hundreds of students were massacred during the protests, and thousands more were injured.

Pictures of the incident were released worldwide and many organizations protested against the killings and the inequality in the apartheid regime. Many nations started commemorating that fateful day every year in honor of the victims.

However, it was not until June 1991 that the Organization of African Unity (OAU) designated June 16th as a day to honor those who participated and lost their lives in the Soweto uprising. The day was given the name International Day of the African Child to raise awareness of the need to improve the quality of education in the African schools.

Today, UNICEF marks this day by choosing a unique theme every year that aims at spreading awareness of how the African child can be empowered.

Why Celebrate The International Day Of The African Child?

International Day of the African Child aims at promoting children’s rights across all African countries. Observing this day is a constant reminder to governments, NGOs and other stakeholders of the challenges faced by the African child and the empowerment they should be granted.

Through these celebrations, there has been a significant improvement in the education sector of different African countries. For instance, most sub-Saharan countries offer free primary educations to all children in public schools. Other nations like Kenya and Seychelles have rolled up programs to provide laptop computers to primary school students.

Investing in children's education is vital in creating and sustaining broad-based economic growth. Experiences in childhood hugely contribute to the adults the kids will turn into. Failure to positively contribute to our children today in areas of education, nutrition and health will negatively impact on the economy of future generations.

How to Celebrate the International Day of the African Child?

You can celebrate this day by creating awareness about the education system in Africa. The easiest way to do this is by sharing your views via social media using the hashtag #educationforAfrica, #InternationalDayOfTheAfricanChild.

It is also an excellent time to celebrate other organizations that work towards the betterment of education for the African child. Such include the World Bank, volunteers, and education related NGOs. You can also volunteer to hold talks in school and address the many issues that young children and their parents face. From child marriages, drug abuse, school dropouts, child labor, bullying, and child prostitution.

Today’s African child needs role models and mentors in all areas of their development. So, work hard towards being a constructive individual that children can look up to.

Worrying International Day of the African Child Facts

- One in every six children born in Sub-Saharan Africa dies before their fifth birthday

- Thirty million of the global children who are out of school come from Sub-Saharan Africa

- Of all the world people who have no access to safe water, 40% of them live in Africa

- A considerable number of children suffer from stunted growth due to the challenges of malnutrition.

International Day of the African Child Observances

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